Artist statements

2021 Fall Hwy 62 Art Tour

Hello artists! To help you craft your artist statement for the upcoming Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tour, please follow these important tips:

1) 100 words maximum.

Please keep your description focused on how you see your art and what inspires you about the high desert and surroundings. Since people will see your website or social media links in your listing info, this is where you can talk about the spirit of your work in general. This is not a list of tools you use or your work history/timeline.(Please do not include urls in this statement.)

You can use Word, Google Docs or this link to check the total number of your words.

2) Check your spelling. 🙂

3) Examples of artist statements.

Please do not copy these below! They are merely to give you a starting point. Be creative!

Ex. 1:

Bill Leigh Brewer


I am influenced by what is around me. I am certainly not against shooting a landscape for the pure aesthetic beauty of it. But I see more narrative interest when I look at the marks people leave. That content might be interesting politically, but I primarily shoot something because it resonates on an emotional/aesthetic level. I’m not trying to make overt political points about the state of things in America, but I try to be observant in a thoughtful way. My goal is to create images that document my experience of a place and an time.


Ex. 2:

Christine Carraher

For decades my old homestead studio has been my laboratory, floating in the quiet, isolation, and permission of the desert. Though I worked in pastels for years I am now experimenting with paint, especially acrylics. Whatever the medium, my focus continues to be simplicity, rawness, the bold gesture, flow, spaciousness, and grace. I love showing my work in the studio where it originates and look forward to sharing it with you during Art Tours 2021.