2019 Hwy 62 Art Tours

Terms & Conditions
  1. Residency. All participating artists must be full or part-time residents of the Morongo Basin Communities. Please note that artists who do not live in the area but have participated in the Art Tours in one of the last three years may continue to participate.
  2. Participation. Each artist must register as an individual participant.
  3. Open Studios. Artists participating in the Art Tours may only have their studios open for the weekend(s) they have registered for. Artists may not advertise or leave their art tours studio signage visible on the roadways or studio entrances for any weekend(s) they are not registered for. Artists who are found open, signage left up or advertising that they are open for a weekend(s) they did not register for will be Invoiced the full price of participating all three weekends in the amount of $215 plus a $50 processing fee minus any registration fees already paid. If the artist fails to pay the Invoice promptly, said artist would be banned from participating in the Art Tours the following year.
  4. Commission. Each participant is required to send a check for 5% commission of their gross sales from the Art Tours to the MBCAC by December 15, 2019. Payments should be sent to MBCAC P.O. Box 643, Joshua Tree, CA 92252. If you have no sales during the Art Tours, we request you notify us to that effect at: arttours@mbcac.org.
  5. Refunds. All refunds must be requested in writing. No refunds after June 30, 2019. Prior to June 30, 2019, refunds will be the artist’s participating fee minus a $40 processing fee.
  6. Proofing/Changes. You are responsible for proofing your listing as well as your map location. If you fail to proof your listing, the MBCAC is not responsible for errors and omissions.
  7. Selling Reproductions. A ‘reproduction’ is defined as a copy of original art.* Reproductions for sale may be included in a display, with the following restrictions:
    • No more than 50% of an artist’s Open Studio display may be allocated to reproductions.
    • Original work should be prominent and should be seen first as visitors enter the studio area.
    • Reproductions must be separated from the main body of original work and clearly labeled as such. This explanation should serve to educate the public about the distinction between original art and reproductions. (e.g. “These are giclée prints (copies) of my oil paintings, printed using archival inks and paper on an inkjet printer.”)
  8. Original Works of Art. Works of art created from kits; greenware, mold cast ceramics not originally created by the artist are not acceptable for this year’s Art Tours. Only original artist-made works of art are appropriate for the tours.
  9. Catalog Images. You will need two images of original artwork created within the last three years. The committee will choose the image that will look best in the catalog. Instructions for submitting images will be given to you in the confirmation email. Please submit your images ASAP. Images must be received by April 30th, 2019, at the latest. These are the image requirements:
    • JPG or PNG format only.
    • Ideal resolution is 300 ppi. (A minimum of 2400 pixels long on the longest edge.)
    • No smartphone shots, please; 35mm DSLR is best.
    • Label your photos as follows: LastnameFirstnameTitleOfWork.(file extension) 
      (example: SmithSusieDesertIntrigue.jpg).
  10. Usage Rights. By submitting images of your artwork with your application, you are granting permission to the MBCAC and their legal representatives and assigns, the right to use and publish photographs and any information submitted for the restricted purposes of promotion and education in print and/or online.
  11. Liability. MBCAC provides no liability insurance coverage to participants of the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours. As a participant in the Art Tours, it is your responsibility to insure yourself, your premises and your work against a lawsuit, theft, damage and other potential circumstances. The MBCAC strongly recommends that you check with your insurance agent as to coverage for this event.
  12. Goals. The goals of the MBCAC and the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours is to provide the general public access to the artists in the Morongo Basin; to provide the artists with opportunities to showcase their art; to promote the Art Tours as an educational setting for visitors to meet the artists and learn about their process of creating art in their chosen mediums; and to promote the Art Tours as a whole.
  13. Promotion of Art Tours and Self. Artists are strongly encouraged to promote themselves and the Art Tours through emails to family and friends; via their social media channels, and if possible print and mail postcards. Join the Facebook page and share posts to your artists’ page and personal page www.facebook.com/hwy62arttours/   Consider adding the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours link to your website.

*Photography and digital art are considered original art, not reproductions. 

For general questions or information, please email arttours@mbcac.org.

For registration questions, please email registrar@mbcac.org.


The Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours are organized by the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council, Inc.

P.O. Box 643, Joshua Tree, CA 92252