2019 Hwy 62 Art Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours?

Members of the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council (MBCAC) who are full or part-time residents of the Morongo Basin Communities may participate in the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours. You can become a member, or check the status of your membership, on the website at www.mbcac.org  If you are not yet a member, you can apply online here: BECOME A MEMBER.

Please note that artists who do not live in the area, but have participated in the Art Tours in one of the last three years may continue to participate. In the spirit of the original Hwy 62 Art Tours being a celebration of the Morongo Basin artists, the MBCAC board has created this residency requirement.

How do I apply for the Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours?

You can apply online by clicking here or in the right hand column of this page. Please read this entire document before starting the application process. Need help registering? You can also make an appointment to attend one of our In-Person Registration events to be held at Gallery 62 March 27th + April 25th, 10 – 2 pm. (See next question for further details.)

What if I need assistance applying for the Art Tours?

In-person registration is by appointment only to register and/or to have your artwork photographed at Gallery 62 in Joshua Tree.

If you just want your artwork photographed, you will still need an appointment. (No drop-ins please.) Contact Mitch Miller at registrar@mbcac.org to schedule. Each appointment is 15-minutes.

Dates: Wed March 27th, 10:00 – 2:00 PM. Then April 25th, 10:00 – 2:00 PM.

What do I need prior to starting the online application?

First, you should verify your membership is up-to-date through October 31, 2018 on the website www.mbcac.org. We recommend you prepare the following information before starting your online session:

  • Your contact information.
  • Your website information.
  • Your social media account usernames (Facebook and Instagram).
  • Your studio information.
  • Accurate, concise directions to your studio from Hwy 62. “From Hwy 62 turn (use north or south)” Do not use “same as last year” for your directions.
  • Your images in the correct form ready to upload (See image requirements here.)
  • Your credit card.

What are the application dates?

Registration is February 25th – April 30th. Late registration May 1st – 8th.

What is the absolute deadline for applying?

April 30th. Any application submitted after that is subject to an additional late registration fee of $100. Late registration runs from May 1 – 8, 2019.

Note: Photos of your artwork are due at time of your application! (Please refer to the photo images section for image guidelines. If you need your artwork shot, you can schedule an in-person visit to have it shot, on March 27th or April 25th from 10 – 2 pm. (No walk-ins.) Email us to schedule an appointment.)

What are the costs to participate in the Art Tours?


One weekend (single): $180
One weekend (shared): $145 (per artist)

Both weekends (single): $215
Both weekends (shared): $180 (per artist)

Three weekends (single): $215
Three weekends (shared): $180 (per artist)


Any or all weekends: $400

In addition, each participant is required to send a payment for 5% of their gross sales to the MBCAC by December 15, 2019. Mail your check to: MBCAC, P.O. Box 643, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

If you require a Charitable Tax Donation form, please send your request to arttours@mbcac.org

How do I pay for my registration fees?

You may pay with a credit or debit card using the online payment system during registration. Payment by cash or check are accepted during one of our in-person registration dates (March 27th + April 25th 10 – 2 pm each day).

Can I show other artists’ work in my studio?

We encourage registered artists to team up and show together, as it helps reduce the number of stops the visitor must make, and may actually increase your visitor volume. Artists must agree not to exhibit, sell, or host non-participating artists in the space over which they have control.

What about showing and selling reproductions of my work in Open Studio Art Tours?

A ‘reproduction’ is defined as a copy of original art.* Reproductions for sale may be included in your Open Studio display, with the following recommendations:

  1. Original work should be prominent and ideally seen first as visitors enter the studio area.
  2. Reproductions must be clearly labeled as reproductions. An explanation of the reproduction process should be posted near the presentation of any reproductions including photography and digital artwork.

    This explanation should serve to educate the public about the distinction between original art, digitally modified artwork and any other reproductions (e.g. “These are giclée prints [copies] of my oil paintings, printed using archival inks and paper on an inkjet printer”).

  3. At least 50% of your work available for sale should be original art and not a reproduction.
*Note: Photography and digital art are considered original art, not reproductions.

How many images are needed for applying?

You will need two (2) images of original artwork in the primary medium you select on the application created within the last three years or less. The committee will choose the image that looks best for the catalog. In the catalog, the photo will be printed on white paper.

How do I decide which images to submit with my application?

Great images will entice visitors to your studio. Please consider the following when selecting images for our application:

  • Are your images of two different, original works of art?

  • Do your images represent technical proficiency, and are they consistent across both images?

  • Are they in focus, crisp and sharp, and do they accurately represent your original artwork?
  • Are the finished pieces unique works of art, reflecting originality and individuality?

  • Do these images represent work created in the last three years or less?

  • Have the images been shot in a professional manner? If they contain distracting elements such as fingers, walls, barbeques, weeds, car parts, etc., we recommend that you invest in having professional images of your work taken. (Images should be shot ‘head on’ for wall art, so the image is not distorted or bowed. Proper, even lighting is also important.)

What are the technical requirements for images?

  • JPG or PNG format only.
  • Ideal resolution is 300 ppi. (A minimum of 2400 pixels long on the long edge.)
  • No smartphone shots; 35mm is best.
  • Label your photos as follows: LastnameFirstnameTitleOfWork.(file extension)
    (example: SmithSusieDesertIntrigue.jpg).

Your application will not be processed until we receive your images. Images not meeting these requirements will not be accepted and may affect your representation in the catalog.

Is it okay to digitally enhance my images?

Your images should reflect the artwork you have created, clearly and at the proper resolution. It is okay to use photo manipulation software on your images, and in some cases advisable, but not to the point that it misrepresents the actual color of your artwork. Cropping out things like extra clutter, matting or framing, adjusting brightness or balancing overall colors are acceptable. Since the catalog is often the first time visitors see your art, it is important to make a great first impression. (See image requirements here.)

What is the “Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours Collective Show” and how do I participate in it?

A group show of original work by Open Studio Art Tours artists will be held this year at Gallery 62 in Joshua Tree. Each artist is encouraged to submit one original work of art created within the last three years. The show is designed to give the visitors the opportunity to view many artists at once prior to making their tour plans.*

  • Intake for the Collective Show:
    Tuesday, Sept. 29th, from 10 – 12 pm.
    Sunday, Sept. 22nd, from 3 – 4 pm.
  • Opening Reception and MBCAC Gathering: Friday, Sept. 27th from 5-8:00 p.m.
  • Outtake for the Collective Show: Sun., Oct 27th, 3 – 4 pm or Tues. Oct. 29th, 10 – 12 pm.
  • Artwork must be up for the entire show, with no early takedowns.
  • All artwork must be for sale, not just exhibition.
  • Artwork must be representative of the work visitors will see at your studio.

There is no entry fee for the show and sales will be handled by Gallery 62 staff and a 25% sales commission will be taken. This commission goes to covering the cost of running the gallery and the monthly rent. If your artwork sells, the buyer may take their purchase and the artist may replace the sold piece. It is recommended that the artists have one or two back-up pieces of similar size ready to be used as a replacement.

Artists will be asked to gallery sit during the month of October. Sitting times will be scheduled during intake dates at that time. We will also be utilizing non-tours participant docents during the Art Tours weekends so artists can be at their home studios to receive guests.

*Dates subject to change. 

Artist Volunteer Service Hours

The Arts Council is a volunteer-based organization that depends on its members. There are many tasks that we need help with to make the Art Tours a success. Participating artists are encouraged to volunteer at least a couple of hours to the Arts Council. You will be sent an email that lists the many opportunities of where you can help, and we hope you will take time out of your busy schedules to become involved by helping in the tour. Possibilities range from stuffing envelopes, manning tables and/or hosting at our special events, distributing promotional material, sharp eyes for proofreading, and catalog distribution.

After Event Artist Survey

How do we continue to improve the Art Tours? By listening to you. Participating artists are requested to complete an online survey with information regarding their sales dollars, number of visitors, what your visitors had to say about the Art Tours. All information is anonymous and confidential. It is used to assess the economic and cultural impact Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours has on the communities. The survey is an opportunity for you to voice valuable feedback on your Art Tours experience.

The Hwy 62 Art Tours is organized by the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council, P.O. Box 643, Joshua Tree, CA 92252. For further information, email arttours@mbcac.org. For registration questions, email registrar@mbcac.org.

The Tours begin in: